Are you troubled with noisy roads?

I Was out leafleting and canvassing in Furzehall Avenue and Wallington over the weekend and what really struck me was just how loud the motorway noise was.

noisy-trafficIt seems to somehow be getting worse. Or perhaps it’s just that when you think about something, you notice it much more. Either way, it was a non-stop drone all morning and it really gets on the nerves of the people who live just under the motorway. So many residents tell me that the noise can be awful at times.

The sound really carries and it’s a problem that has been recognised by many in our area.


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Our MP, Suella Fernandes, campaigned originally for some barriers to block the sound but I think it needs more. I’ve been told that because the noise is largely carried by the wind and because of the elevated position of some of the roads south of the motorway, that barriers won’t have much effect. The wind simply carries the noise. So we need a different approach. What we need is a resurface of the motorway with better quality tarmac specifically designed to reduce noise levels.

We need a solution sooner rather than later because as our roads get busier the noise becomes more annoying to residents. I urge everyone involved to get together and really crack on with getting this sorted out. I understand this isn’t only a Fareham problem but also Portsmouth too. A joint effort would really benefit our residents. This issue seems to be dragging on and funding must be found soon.

Tom Davies