Things to consider when you buy earplugs for hearing protection

The ears are among the most sensitive and vulnerable organs of our body. It is vital that we provide reliable hearing protection for our ears to care for them to prevent hearing damage and deafness. Excessive noise is the most common cause of hearing loss so we should avoid exposing our ears to it, this can be done by using reliable ear protection. For example, the environment that industrial personnel work in, presents many dangers and one of them is the level of noise. People should learn how to protect their ears to avoid hearing loss.


Ear-Defence2The most important feature of the hearing defense devices one must take notice of is effectiveness at reducing noise levels Your hearing protection goods should meet the modern safety standards so you should never worry. In addition, the variety of merchandise offered accords different levels of protection for every environment and need. The EARDefense earplugs provide an excellent range of protection from noise and come already packaged in two different strengths Mid-Range (Db23)and high-range (Db27)  ear protection.


Ear_Defence0017Because of the delicate nature of the ear, consideration should be given to the quality and hygiene of the product. Hygiene is a particular concern since dirty ear protection can also be a cause of infection. So, your earplugs should be washable and resuable. This rules out most earplugs made of foam. Eardefense earplugs are made of a silicone plastic which are easily washable so avoid getting dirty and causing unnecessary infection.


Eardefense earplugs are made form soft hypoallergenic silicone. This ensures the most comfortable fit that you can purchase. The ‘Christmas Tree’ design ensures a comfortable fit. Unlike foam earplugs, these soft silicone earplugs do not push into your ear as much so are more comfortable meaning that you can wear them for longer.

Can provide protection in different environments earplugs are music-safe. This means that they ensure the continued quality of the music whilst you listen and still let you hear someone talking beside you. The earplugs are able to be utilized in any noisy environments such as music concerts, industrial locations, city roads, motorbikes, stadiums, airports etc. They should be considered as a normal everyday accessory that you carry around with you.



Why Eardefense Earplugs?

Ear-Defence2Listening to loud music and noises can permanently damage your hearing but YOU CAN enjoy loud music and loud environments by using EAR Defense earplugs. Our specially designed plugs have filters built into them that lowers/dampens any harmful sounds whilst still letting you enjoy music and also hear normal speech. Each pack contains two pairs of filtered plugs a high protection 27Db and a medium protection 23Db, as well as a cord and a keyring carry case.

These earplugs are not just for live music, festivals or concerts they can be used anywhere that you feel you need to dampen sounds down (EAR Defense earplugs are not designed to block sound out but to lower the volume). Examples of where you would use these ear plugs; all forms of travelling (not just planes) you need to hear announcements but you don’t want to hear the shriek of children crying. Sporting events such as motor sports, football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, or school sports to name a few. You will find that they are fantastic when you are using power tools or gardening tools. Some people wear them to work if they are working in a noisy environment – these ear plugs are brilliant for DJs, doormen, factory and shop workers. People who just love clubbing really love these plugs

The first thing you will notice about EAR Defense earplugs is that they are more effective than foam plugs, they won’t leave you with a clogged up muffled sound. They are much more comfortable, reusable and washable – so in the long run they are more cost effective as well.

EAR Defense ear plugs come in a standard size which fits most people, if they don’t fit you then just return them.