Imagine What It Would Be To Go A Day Without Hearing

go-a-day-without-hearing-1One day without sound once a year, the Miracle-Ear Foundation asks people to spend a day as if sound didn’t exist, so they can discover its importance in everyday life.

A child’s laughter. Birds singing. A favorite song on the radio. They’re all simple sounds we likely take for granted each day.

On May 31, there’s a nationwide challenge to walk in someone else’s shoes and experience what life is like without being able to fully hear the world around us.

The annual One Day Without Sound pledge asks people to wear ear plugs for one day to realize how many of us take our hearing for granted and consider ways to take better care of our ears every day.


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Hearing loss affects 48 million adults and children throughout the U.S., so this special day is designed to help us all recognize how precious our hearing is.

ME-Logo_4-Color_forWeb-300x187The Miracle-Ear Foundation started One Day Without Sound in 2014. This annual event gives participants a chance to wear a pair of ear plugs or noise-reducing headphones to find out what life is like for someone with hearing challenges. The Miracle-Ear Foundation is dedicated to helping children and adults with hearing loss. Since 1990, the foundation has helped people who lack the resources for much-needed treatment and care. Through generous donations by local Miracle-Ear hearing care professionals, the foundation gives the gift of sound to qualified applicants.

George, a teacher, explains what it is like to go a day without sound

In truth, in the beginning everything seemed the same. He even started to think that silence could help him concentrate better on his writing.

George then realized something was not right the first time he looked at his phone: four missed calls, and he was an hour late for the day’s first class. The alarm clock and ring tone had done their job, but he hadn’t heard them. He called the university office to tell them he would be there shortly, but he couldn’t grasp what the person on the other end of the line was saying. He resigned to screaming: “I’m coming, classes are on!”, but heard no answer.

Needless to say, the car ride was more boring than usual: he couldn’t follow the broadcasts on the radio as he normally would. Once he arrived at the university, it took him longer than usual to park the car: not hearing the sound of the distance sensor, he had to reverse far more carefully than he had done in years.

When he finally got to the classroom, the first class was over and the students from the day’s second class were already sitting on their benches.
He closed the door, set his bag down on the desk and took his ear plugs out, the noise and the chatter of his students washed over him like a wave.

“This class almost didn’t happen. You can’t imagine how pleased I am to hear you, guys” he began….

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