EAR Defense Features

Protects You From Permanently Damaging Environments

Noisy Damaging Environments


for loud environments e.g.; nightclubs, airports, sports, motor racing, work, busy city traffic and road noise


soft hypoallergenic silicone. More effective than foam plug


Standard size. Discreet 3 flange transparent plugs with 1 YEAR GUARANTEE


Stops the damaging noise but keep the fidelity of music and voice. Also conveniently attached to a key-ring.

Don't Risk Permanent Damage To Your Ears and To Your Hearing. Buy Now.

Your hearing really is very sensitive and easily damaged. It has been proven that ear damage can occur even at relatively low noise levels even as low as 8 hours of busy city traffic (ref: CDC) . So, it is essential to have some form of ear protection against harmful noise levels.


Listening to loud music and noises can permanently damage your hearing but YOU CAN enjoy loud music and loud environments by using EAR Defense earplugs. Our specially designed plugs have filters built into them that lowers/dampens any harmful sounds whilst still letting you enjoy music and also hear normal speech. Each pack contains two pairs of filtered plugs a high protection 27Db and a medium protection 23Db, as well as a cord and a keyring carry case.

These earplugs are not just for live music, festivals or concerts they can be used anywhere that you feel you need to dampen sounds down (EAR Defense earplugs are not designed to block sound out but to lower the volume). Examples of where you would use these ear plugs; all forms of travelling (not just planes) you need to hear announcements but you don’t want to hear the shriek of children crying. Sporting events such as motor sports, football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, or school sports to name a few. You will find that they are fantastic when you are using power tools or gardening tools. Some people wear them to work if they are working in a noisy environment – these ear plugs are brilliant for DJs, doormen, factory and shop workers. People who just love clubbing really love these plugs

The first thing you will notice about EAR Defense earplugs is that they are more effective than foam plugs, they won’t leave you with a clogged up muffled sound. They are much more comfortable, reusable and washable – so in the long run they are more cost effective as well.

EAR Defense ear plugs come in a standard size which fits most people, if they don’t fit you then just return them.

EAR Defense Packaging

For loud environments e.g.; nightclubs, airports, sports, motor racing, work, busy city traffic and road noise.

Great protection for your ears and for your hearing. Avoid permanent damage by buying now.

High and Medium Levels Of Protection

Choose just the right levels of protection for you and your environment or share a set with someone that you love.

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An innovative design

More comfortable and easier to fit. Greater protection for your ears and hearing compared to other designs including foam earplugs

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Aluminium case and strong cord

Your EAR Defense earplugs are kept in a aesthetically attractive stong aluminium tube. Always available and always there to protect you.

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Easy attachment to a key-ring.

Easy to carry and avoid losing them. Keep these EAR Defense earplugs with you at all times for convenience and protection. They will be with you those times when you expect loud harmful noises and also those times that you do not expect them.

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Aluminium case and strong cord

Your EAR Defense earplugs are kept in a aesthetically attractive stong aluminium tube. Always available and always there to protect you.

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EAR Defense earplugs are made from soft hypo-allergenic plastic.

Avoid any allergic reactions such as are possible with other earplugs such as foam earplugs that might retain germs, moisture and dirt. EAR Defense earplugs are washable and usable time and time again. Always there for you and your ears.

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Voice And Music Safe

EAR Defense earplugs are great at protecting your ears and hearing and they also retain audio fidelity. Great when you want to hear the music or hear someone talking but keep the harmful noises controlled.

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You can be sure that we are confident of our product and that they will work for you. See the 4.6 out of 5 star reviews that we have on Amazon.

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How would I go about cleaning the earplugs after wearing them?
Thank you for taking the time to ask the question about keeping your EAR Defense earplugs clean. The earplugs are really easy to clean usually all you need to do is wipe them over with a damp cloth and then let them dry thoroughly before storing them in their case. If they are particularly dirty remove the filters gently setting them aside (do not insert the filters into water) and then wash the plugs with soap and water, dab the excess water off, leave them to air dry and then reinsert the filters before placing the ear plugs in their aluminium carry case.
I am taking my wife to a music festival will the same size fit me and her please?
It is really wise to wear filtered earplugs at a music festival because usually the volume of the music is such that it could permanently damage your ears because EAR Defense ear plugs are three flange and made from soft silicone the size should fit the majority of all adults as they are kind of ‘Christmas Tree’ shaped so can be inserted easily even in smaller ears. I would. however, add that should you buy them and you find they do not fit your wife then contact us as they come with a one year guarantee and we would not want you to be unhappy with your purchase. Hope you enjoy the music festival.
Is the case strong, what is it made of?
You will be pleased to know that the EAR Defense carry case is quite sturdy as it is made of aluminium and the top screws on which makes it more secure than just a push on top. It also has an attachment so that you can carry it on your keyring if you like, although it is small enough to fit into your pocket as well.
Would they work for singers who must perform alongside sometimes overpowering drum, bass and keyboards?
Seems to me like exactly what they would work well for.  The EAR Defense earplugs are aimed at musicians (including singers) and from the feedback I have had they are great if you have to stand next to drums or other instruments. You will find that the plugs will reduce the high/loud sounds that can damage your hearing but you will still be able to hear the music and normal speech. I would suggest that you start with the high protection plugs first.
Can I use your earplugs with my iPhone?

They are not earphones but earplugs and so cannot be used with your iPhone to listen to music – EAR Defense earplugs actually protect your hearing from loud noises they do not emit sound from a music source, they are ‘noise protection ear plugs’.

Can these be worn comfortably under ear muffs for the shooting range?

I have had many people buy the earplugs for shooting although that was not what I envisaged them being used for originally but since launching the product and checking out the plugs for shooting I find that they have very similar specs. I have not had one person come back to me and say that they found them uncomfortable under their ear muffs. One customer bought the earplugs and gave them a really good test on the shooting range, he then wrote a very comprehensive review maybe you would like to read it the link is this: Amazon Review. The person who wrote the review is a gentleman named Carl Franklin, you might find it helpful to read the review.

Any drummer input? Son is a drummer and he likes to wear ear protection.

These earplugs are designed to protect drummers and from the emails and comments I have received from drummers they like using the plugs because not only do they protect their hearing they are also comfortable to wear so the drummers actually use them whereas some other brands they buy and just don’t bother putting them in their ears! The earplugs come with a cord so your son can just hang the plugs round his neck when not in use.

Can these earplugs be used to block out a snoring husband?
It would muffle the sound so that you are less likely to hear it if you are sleeping.
Will these earplugs work for kids?
They worked well for my 12 yo at an indoor rock concert. Motley Crue.. so pretty loud. But they were on the “big” side and he felt like they were coming out.. but they did not. These are not ear plugs for significantly reducing noise, like for a rifle shot. They just take the edge off from loud music. He enjoyed the concert and didn’t have ringing ears after.. We will continue to use them.
I want to use these in my office. Do they cancel out loud speaking and talking around you as well?
From what I can remember (I used my headphones a few weeks ago at a concert) they would just muffle conversations near you. You would still be able to hear them, but it would be quieter. I think just regular earplugs would work better at muffling out all surrounding sounds 🙂
Could someone list the attentuation in dB? I just got a set, and a bar code label covers much of the table printed on the cardboard wrapper.
Each pack contains two pairs of filtered plugs a high protection 27Db and a medium protection 23Db
Is the cord easy to attach?

Please don’t be worried about attaching the cord, I haven’t had anyone say that they could not do it. If you have really big hands and fingers you may find it a little bit fiddly but you will manage to do it – I promise you it is not hard.

Are these plugs useable on a motorcycle - I mean with a crash helmet?

The feedback I have had from my nephew who does is that the plugs really muffle the sound he finds them comfortable to wear but he said they might be uncomfotable if you have a big sized head that is pressed against your crash helmet.

I want all of our customers to be happy with their purchase so if you buy them and you find that they are uncomfortable to wear with your crash helmet please contact us and return the product for a full refund.

Will these earplugs help when using gardening power tools as the noise hurts my ears?
Oh these earplugs will definitely help you – if you look at the Amazon Reviews, there are many people using our special EAR Defense earplugs for gardening chores such as hedge cutting and mowing. You really don’t have to hurt your ears with the noise anymore give our EAR Defense earplugs a go.
I don't like water in my ears when showering will these earplugs help?

Whilst these earplugs were not designed and made for that purpose, if you was going into the shower with them in your ears I would recommend that you take the filter out first and thoroughly dry afterwards before reinserting the filter.

I have a horrible upstairs neighbor who bangs his upstairs neighbor constantly (this includes overnight), Will these filter out the banging?
It’s not the best product for that purpose. The EAR Defense earplugs don’t isolate you from environmental noise. The EAR Defense earplugs are optimal for allowing you to tolerate but still be part of an excessively noisy environment, such as transportation, sporting events. Also, our EAR Defense earplugs reduce high frequencies (they cause hearing damage) more than low frequencies. However, I would recommend the following for isolation from night-time banging: Kandego Soft Foam Ear Plugs, or Moldex 6800 Pura-Fit Disposable Ear Plugs

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