Bikers modifying motorcycles leading to more noise pollution

Bikers modifying motorcycles leading to more noise pollution

Motorbikers are modifying their motorcycle  exhausts leading to yet more noise pollution

For Naresh Patel, guessing the exact time at night is no big deal. The moment he hears ‘thud, thud, thud, thud,” he knows well it is 10.30 pm. It’s his neighbour returning home and deafening sound from his bike announces his arrival.

Patel may not be the lone person experiencing the noise pollution. Modified motorbikes with extra exhaust pipes or silencers are become nightmare for many in the city. Such vehicles not only make deafening noise, but also emit toxic chemicals into the air.

Even fellow commuters on the road do not feel safe when the bikers ridding such bikes zoom past them making thundering sound and making them go off-balance.

Sources say that youngsters who want to show off their mean machines are opting for bike modification. And thriving, but illegal, bike modification market in the city is acting as a catalyst for increasing the number of bikes facilitating the influx of with ‘loud silencers’ on the road.

Who are their customers? They are the youngsters wanting to show off their vehicles, says mechanics.

“Here, Enfield Bullet, Plusar and Yamaha bikes are a rage among youngsters. The modification includes new shapes to the outer body and changing the exhaust pipes of the bikes to provide a macho ‘thud,thud’ noise,” says Paresh, a bike modifier.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, any alteration to the factory model is illegal. “Any change that increases the weight of the vehicle by 10% can be done with the consent of the manufacturer and the regional transport office. Changes to exhaust pipe cannot be allowed,” said a regional transport officer.

Removing the catalytic converter, a component fitted to the exhaust pipe is the easiest, way to increase the thump.

“This type of silencer is called a free flow exhaust. It produces more sound but toxic gases, filtered by the catalytic converter are directly released into the air,” said an expert from SVNIT college.

The city police has already started a drive to catch the youngsters riding on the modified bikes with loud silencers and deafening horns.

“Every day around 15 to 20 youngsters are fined for riding haphazardly on the roads. We also check the modifications and issue them with separate challans. On weekends, we organize drives in the areas like Piplod, Vesu, Dumas road, etc, for drag racers,” said a senior police officer.

Motorcyclists Need Earplugs

Motorcyclists Need Earplugs

Excessive Road Noise Can Cause Permanent Ear Damage. Motorcyclists need earplugs.

Motorcyclists should wear ear plugs. you can get comfortable noise reduction that could have you a lot of trouble and permanent hearing damage in the long run.

Motorcyclists need earplugs

Why Motorcyclists Need Earplugs

It is a fact that riding a motorcycle at normal highway speeds, even in a full face helmet, without ear protection, does irreversible damage to your hearing over time. Noise fatigue is also a very real effect of riding, and can leave rider far more tired than expected.

Another long time rider told me he’s getting a hearing aid today, and he never wore ear plugs. I’ve heard a number of reasons from some friends about why they won’t or don’t wear them. Those reasons are weak. Here are a few:

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traffic-noise-1Traffic, horns, sirens and other noises will be hard to hear: Good hearing protection will lower high frequency noise, like wind buffeting your helmet. While ear plugs will lower the volume of all sound, they won’t eliminate those interruptive sounds from making it to you at all, rather you’ll be more likely to hear them as the effects of constant high frequency noise will not be as bad.

I wear a full face helmet: So what? Comfortable helmets flow a lot of air, and are pretty damn noisy! Helmet noise reduction studies show very minimal improvement due to a full face helmet.

I do not have loud pipes: While the silly loud pipes of many a Harley rider could make anyone deaf, you are really looking to block out the wind noise rushing past your head. Loud pipes just add another droning source of white noise like sound that will deafen you over time, but they are not the primary one motorcyclists need fear!

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