Dr Hilary Jones Says That Hearing Loss Raises Risk Of Dementia

Dr Hilary Jones Says That Hearing Loss Raises Risk Of Dementia

Dr Hilary Jones Raises Awareness Saying That Hearing Loss Increases The Chances Of Dementia

Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones – A TV doctor is in Guernsey to raise awareness of the importance of paying attention to hearing loss, saying it can increase the chances of dementia.

Dr Hilary Jones says it’s vital islanders get their hearing checked as there are currently 4m people in the UK with hearing loss that is undiagnosed.

He told ITV News hearing loss can have an impact on your general health, explaining that it makes someone two to five times more likely to develop dementia.

Dr Jones say that’s because the condition can make a person feel cut off, confused and even paranoid.

Dr Jones says age is a major factor in hearing loss, but there are ways to prevent it:

  • Keep music and TV levels low
  • Protect ears from a young age by keeping MP3 levels down
  • Get your hearing checked as soon as you notice any problems

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Can Regulatory Changes Improve The Health Of Older US Citizens With Hearing Loss?

Hearing Loss ImpactsOnly one in seven US Citizens who could benefit from a hearing aid owns one. Why is this, what are the consequences, and what can we do about it?

In a new article in the American Journal of Public Health, NYU Wagner Professor Jan Blustein and her colleague, Professor Barbara Weinstein of the CUNY Graduate Center, argue that better health policy could substantially improve our nation’s health.

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hearing-loss-impacts 3They note that hearing loss is particularly common among older Americans. One quarter of US adults aged 60 to 69 has a disabling hearing loss, and this rises to 80% for those over 80. Studies show that people with hearing loss are more apt to be isolated and depressed. They are also linked to a number of poor health outcomes, including falls, fractures and cognitive decline. Low rates of hearing aid uptake reflect many factors, but importantly, they argue, hearing aids are too expensive. A typical aid costs $2,500, and most older people need devices for both ears. The Medicare program does not cover hearing aids, and seniors in need cite affordability as a key barrier to buying hearing aids.

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As it stands, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly regulates hearing aids and related devices, stifling competition in the device market. The authors cite two recent reports that argue that changes in the FDA’s rules could help. By creating an over-the-counter class of hearing devices, the FDA could bring hearing assistance within the financial reach of more seniors.  If prices came down as a result, insurers might find it easier to cover the cost hearing aids. Being able to afford hearing aids could improve the lives of the 42 million Americans with hearing loss.